BD Kiestra™ InoqulA Sample Processor

Powered by BD Synapsys™ informatics solution, the BD Kiestra™ InoqulA is a comprehensive, automated microbiology sample processing solution.

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When automating your microbiology laboratory, it is important to look for a solution that is able to automate the processing of both liquid and non-liquid samples.

The BD Kiestra™ InoqulA is the automated solution to your microbiology sample processing challenges.

Features and Benefits
Reduce operational costs

With the rolling bead technology, generate more discrete colonies than loop-based streaking1 and reduce the need for subcultures by up to 73% depending on the streak pattern,1 which may shorten time to pathogen identification and antimicrobial susceptibility testing by up to one working day.1

Deliver accuracy

Generate consistent and reproducible high-quality results1 in fully automated (FA) mode through standardized and accurate inoculation and streaking.

Streamline workflow

Streamline laboratory operations with one automated solution that enables staff to spend less time on repetitive tasks and more time on performing higher skilled, value added tasks.2

Improve processing efficiency
Benefit from high throughput processing and the flexibility to process urgent samples on demand, minimizing interruptions to your workflow.
Rolling bead technology

Consistently achieve high-quality, standardized streaking results by producing more discrete colonies compared to traditional loop-based streaking methods.1 Reduce the need for subcultures by up to 73% depending on the streak pattern.1

Fully automated (FA) and Semi-automated (SA) modes
The fully automated mode automates the processing of liquid samples and the semi-automated mode processes both liquid and non-liquid samples.
Class II-like biosafety cabinet
Class II-like biosafety cabinet helps provide user and environmental protection for liquid and non-liquid sample processing.
Continuous loading
Accommodates the loading and unloading of plates and sample racks while the system is operating.
Priority sample processing
Process urgent samples in real-time, minimizing interruptions to workflow.
High troughput
Designed for fast processing of both liquid and non-liquid sample types.
Closed lid streaking
Minimize aerosol contamination by streaking samples with the plate lid closed.
Conductive pipette technology
Precisely dispense accurate volume while also detecting clots and foam to help minimize false negative no growth results in fully automated mode.
Positive dispense verification
Real-time dispense verification helps to ensure the sample is inoculated to the plate in fully automated mode.
Broth tube inoculation

Automatically inoculate liquid samples from validated sample tubes into broths for primary inoculation workflow in fully automated mode. If it’s part of your laboratory’s test protocol, the broth tube can be placed back on the BD Kiestra™ InoqulA for secondary inoculation onto plates.

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